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Car Perfume seat in the car really explode it?

times   2015-12-25

       To make the car smell, put a bottle of perfume car seat car has become a lot of owners and friends of habit. Compare the summer temperatures, some low-quality perfume car seat may be placed inside the vehicle exterior design is unreasonable because the explosion caused the phenomenon is not uncommon, in addition to many reports also suggest that you do the car perfume on the exposure to the car, then the car perfume whether it will explode it?

        Currently many kinds of car perfume, the price is ranging from a few dozen to a hundred dollars, but in the sale of car perfumes many of which are three non-product, and more than half of the businesses in the sale of perfume just to sell perfume bottles, when consumers after purchasing the temporary addition of perfume, the quality certainly not be guaranteed, and it is understood there is no corresponding national standards to monitor this market.

How to buy car perfume

        1, try to choose a bottle likely to be volatile

        Many car market and common use perfume spray perfume design, because the spray port is small, not well after the gas discharge temperature. What is more simply choose perfume bottle completely closed products, in order to make it volatile slower, longer use time, which is quite dangerous, once warmed expanding gas can not be excluded, it is prone to explosion. Therefore recommended to choose a larger disseminated over the mouth of the product, although rapid volatilization need relatively frequent replacement, but does not appear explosions.

        2. Select the bottle is not easy condensing

        We all know that a magnifying glass condenser can be heated combustion of common sense, a lot of perfume bottles for beauty, the use made of crystal or glass or diamond cut curved shape, but there will be converging on the car situation. To avoid accidents, we can choose a plastic material, or frosted glass and other material not easily condenser reflective or absorbing material will be more safe side.

        3. Select the car balm or car air freshener

        In addition to traditional car perfume, now there are a lot of cars to choose from scented ointment or a car, consumers can choose from these products, not only beautiful but also safe.

        About Price:

        Having said that how much we have to mention some thing about car perfume prices, from the point of view of our current understanding of the information. Car perfume price is very confusing, low to high ten dollars to several hundred dollars there, and the stall to buy some perfume there is no quality assurance. Therefore, we recommend that if you have to buy car perfume, you can go to the mall to buy some regular, the best is to go to a regular car perfume manufacturers to open shop or their official website to buy, then we better ensure the quality of the product a. 

        If you want to remove the smell perfume in the car, or forget it!

        We aim to put perfume in the car a lot, some to refreshing, some in order to remove the odor inside the car. Spray perfume fragrance go faster, you can put it slowly dissipated. If the car smell "strong" recommendation to do interior cleaning.

        Due to the composition and characteristics of car perfume packaging caused, and then the existence of a particular environment may explode. And summer due to the high temperature inside the vehicle, the interior temperature does in the perfume "active" temperature range, so car perfume in the summer indeed dangerous, but it does not mean the summer must not use perfume, as long as we pay attention to some details It is completely avoidable danger occurs.