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What Car perfume oils is / What is essential?

times   2015-12-29

       Car perfume oils in fact, from the flowers, leaves, stems, roots or fruit, by steam distillation, extrusion, cold soak method or a solvent extraction method to extract the extraction of volatile aromatic substances. Usually best not to directly use undiluted essential oils. Essential oils are highly volatile and, once exposed to air will soon be volatile, also said that for this reason, essential oils must be sealed bottle storage, once opened bottle use, but also cover the lid back as soon as possible. 

       I. Overview of essential oils

       Oil is very soluble in alcohol / emulsifier, especially fat, which makes them easy to penetrate the skin, and is mixed with the fat through the fibers and into the body. Oil is composed of a number of small molecules, when the flow of these highly volatile substances, they are also at the same time tens of thousands of cells are absorbed into the body by the nasal airways, the message directly to the brain, relying on the cerebellum operation of the system, to control their emotions also controls other major functions of the body, so in aromatherapy, essential oils can enhance physical and mental performance. Each plant oil has a chemical structure to determine its flavor, color, liquidity and systems and the way it works, but also makes each kind of plant essential oils have a specific function of each character.

      Essential oils have "Western medicine," said, it can penetrate through the skin into the blood circulation, can effectively conditioning the body to achieve a soothing effect purification.

       Second, the essential characteristics

Oil may be 50-500 combination of different molecules. In the arrangement of nature, these molecules co-exist with perfect proportions, so that each plant has its own peculiarities, and thus the secret effect of essential oils on the human body is extremely broad.

       Pure natural essential oils has the following main features: fragrant, natural aroma via the olfactory nerve into the brain, stimulates the anterior cerebral lobe secretes endorphin and enkephalin Jig Jig two hormones, so that the spirit of showing the most comfortable state This is the best recipe for the guardian of the soul. And different essential oils can be combined with each other, the deployment of their own favorite flavor, not destroy oil qualities, but to make more powerful essential oils.

       Essence oils can prevent infectious disease, fight bacteria, viruses, fungi, can be anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, promote cell metabolism and cell regeneration, to make life better. And some essential oils can regulate endocrine organ, and promote secretion of hormones, so that the body's physical and mental activities, access to good development.

       Third, the role and effectiveness of essential oils part

       Essential oils for skin and body care are very good, which we all know. But most people on the role of various types of oil loss, and the following for you on dozens of essential oils role, so that you prescribe the right medicine, to maximize the effect of essential oils.


       1, Sandalwood

       Sandalwood aroma: sandalwood unique sweet and gentle aroma; sandalwood oil for aging, dry skin and dry, can dilute the scars, fine lines, moisturizing the skin and prevent wrinkles; a sedative qualities, can soothe nervous tension and anxiety , people relax; with aphrodisiac properties, efficient kidney, relax, improve sex; antibacterial efficacy, improve skin itching, inflammation, improve acne, boils and infected wounds. Few drops of sandalwood oil in feet of water, you can reach the purpose of promoting blood circulation meridians, but also to achieve the effect of removing the athlete's foot odor. Car perfume made good use of relaxation, calming effect, relieve stress, bring peaceful atmosphere, it is increasing the sense of fulfillment, relax the body and so on, especially suitable for yoga, meditation incense, to quickly enter a state of relaxation .

       Note: The aroma has a strong sustainability, often after washing clothes, the smell still remains.


2, lavender

Oil Efficacy: extracted from flowers. Any matter the skin, treatment of burns, sunburn, promote cell regeneration, balance sebum secretion; improve acne, abscesses, eczema; prevent baldness; sterilization deworming, Liver, spleen, promote gastrointestinal function, stop vomiting, improve physical problem; improving bronchial inflammation, asthma, laryngitis; emotional stability, anti-depression, blood pressure, treatment of insomnia.

Note: Pregnant women and hypotension were banned.

      3, bergamot

Oil Efficacy: extracted from the peel. Improve oily skin, acne, eczema, psoriasis, put your feet sore, ulcers, varicose veins, herpes has a great effect; to cure indigestion, stimulate appetite, improve digestion, bronchitis, for urinary tract infections, inflammation is very effective, can improve cystitis, regulate uterine function, to treat sexually transmitted diseases, can be de-worming, flea drive, eliminate symptoms of gallstones function; soothe anxiety, anger, nervousness, depressed.

Note: There are sensitive to light, after use to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.

4, rosemary

Oil Efficacy: extracted from flowers and leaves. Reduce skin redness, edema, swelling; convergence of the skin, improving dandruff; ease menstrual pain, urination; gastrointestinal, heart, lung, liver, gall bladder has been beneficial; cardiac, blood pressure, anemia conditioning; refreshing, refreshing, recovery center nerve vigor.

Note: pregnant women, disabled; hypertension, epilepsy patients disabled.