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Three different stages of perfume scent

times   2015-12-31

       Different occasions, different personalities, different mood, different gender needs different kinds of perfume scent. Scent not a scent but can be divided into three phases to reflect the olfactory sense.

Changes perfume scent

Not a bottle of perfume fragrance has been the same. A perfume is made from a variety of spices through perfumer carefully modulated, respectively, depending on the concentration of each spice and volatile, with the change of time can be divided into the first taste, the taste, after taste three different stages embodied. Among them, the taste is best reflects the characteristics of the stage of the perfume. And the perfume will be a subtle change according to various conditions affect individual's body temperature, body odor, place, type, climate, time and the like.


Before the taste: 0 to 30 points

Is the first perfume to disclose the information, that is, when you come into contact with perfume so tens of seconds to a few minutes between the smell of direct intranasal Mei said. Top notes are usually circulated by the volatile essential oils, are generally more refreshing taste, mostly floral or citrus fragrance ingredients ignorant. She is like a song suddenly uprooted treble, immediately attract attention, but the taste is not really the first taste of a bottle of perfume, because it can only sustain a few minutes.

Taste: 30 minutes to about 3 hours

After the disappearance of the former began to smell its fragrance, the taste is the most important part of the perfume. That is sprinkled with perfume you just show people the taste, smell this time to express their own mood, emotional and so forth. So the tone is the essence of a perfume, which contains a special section usually consists of floral, woody, and trace spicy incense made, whether fresh or strong odor, and before the transfer must be perfect convergence. The flavor of the deployment of the perfumer's most important responsibility, he in addition to selecting the appropriate combination of flavors other than to highlight the characteristics of perfume, but also the idea to make a lasting fragrance properly. The taste of Hong Mei typically last several hours or longer.


After taste: after 3 hours

It is what we often call the "I" incense. Typically composed flavors with traces of animal and cedar, sandalwood and other fragrant resins, it is not only fragrant, but both functions integrated flavor. After beginning the role of taste, often it comes out can not be called incense, so this time near the end of the flavor will temporarily be magnanimous, but a moment later, after a taste of exquisite charming scent began distributing out. Action after taste is to give perfume a depth of three days without a break linger, it is the most long-lasting when said up whole or for several days, the next day after Maguo may also feel faint perfume scent is, after perfume taste.