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Selection and use of car perfume

times   2016-01-03

        Car perfume toxic problems, the uproar, but in the end there is not poisonous?

Are all car perfumes, balms contain alcohol?

       1, car perfume supplies mainly aerosol type, liquid type and solid type three. Regular car perfume car perfume factory supplies is non-alcoholic, but does not rule out some unscrupulous manufacturers add alcohol in the car perfume articles. Why not add alcohol it? Alcohol use did not produce believe people understand there is also a bar.

      2, characteristic of alcohol is flammable volatile. So similar happened bottle lens shape, converging to produce alcohol which ignited the explosion will happen. When the inside temperature is too high, the gas produced easily bursting perfume bottle perfume bottle caused by the "explosion."

       3, some car perfume is the deployment of industrial alcohol from, it is easy spontaneous combustion cause an explosion, so try not to buy a very cheap perfume. Summer time to pay attention not to the car parked in direct sunlight, it is no inferior car perfume car does not mean all right, after all, the car decorations are numerous.


       Different seasons should choose a different car perfume scent, spring is easy to doze off season, you should try to avoid selecting the sweet, people prone to drowsiness perfume; you can choose some light summer scent of perfume, so as not to upset the summer prone to stimulate feeling; while fall and winter can consider selecting refreshing perfume. It should be noted that, if the owners are often open air, the best choice for perfume has a strong volatility in order to promptly remove the air conditioning to bring the smell.

       Meanwhile, car perfume choice we can choose plastic material, PET material or frosted  glass so difficult condenser reflective material or absorption material will be more safe side. And the quality of cotton core is also very important for distributing gas, poor quality cotton wick easily increase the risk of clogging, carefully compare the time of purchase.