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Car perfume will not explode?

times   2016-01-04

Regular production car perfume car perfume manufacturers is unlikely to ignite, if it is of poor quality can not guarantee, the poor may contain alcohol plus perfume perfume bottle tops have a similar design lens, concentrating the effect it produces enough to ignite perfume;, there is a situation that is "pressure cooker explosion" relatively similar situation we usually encounter, because internally generated gas, and the gas can not be released resulting gases produced by the container forces too large rupture explosion, regular car perfume car perfume manufacturers in the design of liquid at all times open odoriferous, not to worry about this.

The explosion of car perfume perfume itself only because the composition of related, but also has a relationship with the quality of perfume bottles. Good car perfume perfume bottle will go through the relevant test, the bottle will not defective, so that we can ensure that even if the gas bottle appear, nor will the bottle bursting, and some explosion perfume mostly because of the bottle defective lead.

Also, regularly check your car perfume volatile hole, volatilization is an important reason for blocking the hole caused by the explosion of car perfume. Bottle of gas produced, due to the volatile hole blocked, do not shoot out of gas, resulting in increased pressure bottle exploded. Finally, the dealer also suggest that if you buy more than ten dollars a car perfume, it is probably from the industrial alcohol and industrial Flavorings from, it is easy spontaneous combustion cause an explosion.


       Before use, the product must read installation instructions, in accordance with the product instructions, away from heat and fire, to ensure that products placed upright upward, if the leak immediately with a damp cloth, to avoid damage to the surface. Please avoid the reach of children, as it gets, immediately flush with water. Do not swallow, if swallowed, see a doctor immediately. Do not place in the top or near the airbag.