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How to choose a good perfume of car?

times   2016-01-05

       With the improvement of life quality, more and more people have their own car, but the interior space is relatively small and often in a closed state a long time, the car will inevitably push some of the plot unpleasant smell, especially to buy a new car interior decorative items smell emitted it is difficult to sit at ease inside.


How to choose the car perfume?

Firstly, select the type of

       Perfume is divided into two kinds of solid and liquid, solid perfume although very old fashioned, but very practical, but it gives faster, so a paste will run two weeks to a month. The general appearance of the liquid perfumes are more beautiful, but because the car often subject to sunlight, it is easy to produce bad gas, but also more dangerous explosion, so the summer is not recommended for relatively liquid perfume.

       Second, select Eau

       As the car often in a closed state, so the choice of car perfume, the best choice of a light fragrance of perfume, so interior space gives the feeling of an elegant fragrance, rather than inferior strong perfume.

       Third, the flavor of choice

       Research shows that people are more accepting when driving lemon, violet and apple flavor perfume, fresh and pleasant aroma in particular, and those sweet fragrance will only make people sleepy, produce feelings of sleepiness, so the best Do not select.

Fourth, according to sex selection flavor

       Because men and women aesthetic is very different, so the type of perfume used is also very different, in general, in favor of male cologne, while women prefer fruity perfume, which can be based on personal preferences select.


Lastly, learn to distinguish between true and false perfume

As the car perfume does not directly use the body, so some unscrupulous businessmen will wantonly produced cheap perfume, long-term perfume smell these poor, a health discomfort, so be sure to choose the high quality of some of the perfume, the price of ten dollars, do not bought, cheap perfume body will cause damage to organs, it must be used with caution.