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Have you selected the car perfume of winter?

times   2016-01-06

      Winter has arrived, car perfume start into the season. All kinds of car perfume was put on the counter, attracting the attention of consumers.


First, smell it.

        Good oils car perfume smells pure ethanol alcohol without pungent smell, and inferior perfume volatile fast, the more pungent aroma, and taste different;

Second, look at the appearance of

       Regular car perfume look very delicate, and shoddy products is relatively rough.


Third, by shaking to identify counterfeit

         Good oils car perfume under vigorous shaking, slowly produce some large bubbles, and there have been over fine perfume gradually generate small bubbles up from the bottom, and it contains too many fake fragrances Since alcohol so that the liquid is diluted, in rocking rapidly produce many small bubbles and a very large number, a strong sense of perfume liquid.


Fourth, to check whether the reference water

        At the time of purchase can drop the car perfume on paper, there are traces of oil is a high purity perfume oils, and water marks significant alcohol is mixed with too much car perfume.