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Removal odor in the car with perfume or car vehicle ointment?

times   2016-01-07

       Now most of the owners and friends in order to remove the car smell, odor, or will choose to buy car perfume car odor car odor removal ointment, which not only can be in addition to smell odor, also can decorate the car.


       Because the interior space is small, the air does not circulate so will be very vulnerable to pollution Some people can not stand the smell of smell, taste and odor odor causes of these large numbers is because: the smell of mold to produce the car, or accidentally dropped in the car corner of fruits, desserts rot mold. Then there is the long home owners in the boot without shoes, clothes, etc., will emit a foul odor.

       In addition, many owners prefer to put food in the car, in the summer, if the car is parked in the sun, the temperature inside will reach a maximum of around 60 degrees Celsius, food, fruits, if not promptly taken away, will turn bad odor. And when the air conditioning turned on, these odors will be in the car with the air flow circulation and spread.

       Therefore, when we use the car to make the car first to keep clean and airy. And it may also be appropriate to use some aromatherapy supplies car, such as a car or car perfume ointment, we choose your favorite scent in the car to use according to their needs.

       Tips: Long-term owners of driving friends can consider selecting refreshing flavor, such as: sandalwood, peppermint flavor can be kind of refreshing recover from fatigue is the most appropriate as this.