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How to choose the Car perfume?

times   2016-01-08

       Car perfume for every car owners are essential body supplies, then all kinds of car perfumes on the market, such as wool more cattle, that we need to how to properly buy car perfume it? Not only remove the odor as aromatherapy, but also It can be used as interior car accessories, car perfume a variety of styles.


       Car primary role is to remove the smell of perfume smell, make the car more fresh air and comfortable. You may notice that each bottle car perfume fragrance in the introduction, the former will be marked smell, the taste, after taste. Well, you are not a small question, why be so divided? Let's give an example, such as sandalwood, it is a very long-lasting fragrance, initially did not think when you hear what special flavor, but when asked after the longer the more fragrant aroma can be distributed. The scent of lemon and other citrus lines on the contrary, the beginning of the call to distribute fresh seductive aroma, after actually not so strong, and soon disappeared. As for the scent of the flowers are mostly middle.

       Good car perfume can be divided into three levels: Before the transfer, the transfer and after the transfer. Top notes of the perfume is when open, to smell the fragrance first unit, it is most likely to be volatile perfume ingredients, giving an initial overall impression, generally in 0-30 minutes. Second is in tune, the tune is the most important part of it with the tone before the emergence of the body exudes scent of perfume, is sometimes called the theme tune, the tune is about 30 minutes to 3 hours. The final step is after the transfer, after the transfer is perfume in the slowest, longest duration, is part of the overall summary of the perfume, which is after three hours. Each level will have a different scent effect, be hard to taste.

Well, you are not a little understood, because each bottle of perfume by car from the deployment of different spices, and different spices desired aroma comes out at a different time. Thus, each bottle of perfume car had its unique and rich taste after previous changes.


Car perfume scent, the aroma molecules with a spread in the car, can keep the car clean air, to remove the car smell, kill bacteria, purify the air, which will help drivers traffic safety. It also can be in a small interior space to create a pleasant atmosphere Qingxin, to keep the driver awake and calm, so as to effectively reduce the incidence of traffic accidents, adding interior elegance.

Most of the car market perfume modeling are very creative and personality, as well interior decoration items, and coupled with different flavor has unique features that can bring a different driving experience for the driver. Such as Apple car perfume fragrance rich in vitamins, appetite, for the treatment of chronic stomach effects. Green tea fragrance with a mind so fresh, revitalized, improve depressed mood, enhance the function of lust. The Cologne taste side expelling dampness, strong bones, helps cheerful mood, enhance the effectiveness of centralized power. Sandalwood scent will have to adjust to relax mood, relieve stress and frustration, adjustable nervousness, physical and mental balance emotions. For long-term sedentary drivers compartment refreshing, it is a great help. You can choose a suitable fashion car perfume, so as to maintain a relaxed state of mind during driving.