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How to choose a better car air freshener?

times   2016-01-09

       car air freshener spice plants due to physiological or pathological reasons, resin-like substance oozing with fragrant ingredients. Automotive most semi-solid ointment or a viscous liquid, insoluble in water, but almost all dissolved in ethanol; only partially soluble in a hydrocarbon solvent. Just out of the balsam plant is viscous liquid, will gradually harden upon contact with the air after.

       The car ointment placed in the car dashboard, the family table, the computer, office and other places, so that the natural aroma of slow diffusion in the car, in order to achieve aromatic environment, sterilization purposes in addition to taste and refreshing, also it has a good decorative effect.

       The price difference between the larger car air freshener, saying, lay watch, experts see Road. The secret lies in choosing a car perfume: a look at the packaging, two smell it.

       Brand type of car air freshener, more attention to packaging, whether it is delicate material or printing process are better quality, exquisite workmanship; and poor car ointment is the opposite. Of course, some low-grade product packaging is also very beautiful, so smell the smell, it is the key means of identification. Poor car air freshener as a result of chemical raw materials, coupled with the recipe is not accurate, so the most intense odor Chongbi, or uninteresting; and brand type of car balm of choice is natural raw materials, and the use of precise formulation, so the flavor and Strict flavor pairing, light type of certain pleasant refreshing, Luzhou alcohol is not strong. The difference between the two, then smell ,you can feel it l.

       Today, in fact, whether car or car perfume balm, they have become owners of essential goods in the car. Put in the car not only can adjust the atmosphere, but also purify the air.

       car air freshener main purposes: fresh air, flavored to taste, physical and mental health, mildew deworming, hygroscopic moisture, in addition to formaldehyde smell like (the specific effect will work with flavor related); can be placed wherever needed. For example: the room, luggage, wardrobe, shoe racks, kitchen, car, toilets and so on.

      Tips: If you are a air freshener on the car the car, it is best not to choose the flavor with a hypnotic, such as office use: lavender; if you are using it indoors, then there is no choice of flavor that more requirements, as long as their own fragrance can be.