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Weather changes on car balm choice

times   2016-01-13

       As the seasons change and the weather, the air inside will produce different changes. Car damp, cool or hot side would Cars ointment impact?

      Many owners are used to put some food in the car, in the hot summer weather, the car long stay in the sun leads to the interior temperature up to 60 degrees Celsius. At this time, if the inside of food, fruit, if not promptly taken away, will turn bad odor. The temperature for the volatilization of certain obstacles affecting car balm, for distributing car odor elimination reach a good effect.

      March and April each year, is the rainy season, the weather is wet, the car is easy to produce a variety of odors. Because the car humid air is more water, thus also had hampered the car balm volatile. So the car is often required to maintain ventilation and clean. Of course, not all are suitable ointment vehicle, acidic perfume perfume but also to be used with caution.

       Winter weather turns cold and large, the majority of owners will put the car windows tightly shut. This time if put a bottle of perfume in the car, make full car full of aroma. Quality perfume can maintain long-lasting aroma, but also bactericidal, but also as an ornament, can serve three purposes. But if you choose properly, it will be counterproductive also affect health, so choose carefully.