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Do you understand what is the woody tank?

times   2016-01-14

        Automotive interior, a lot of people like to put some car perfume, ointment, in order to achieve a removal of smell, clean air. In addition, wood tank placed in the car can also achieve the same effect, to achieve sterilization by organic essential oils, disinfection, purification corrosion. You understand what is woody tank it?

       Shannon Doyle launched ceriifornia woody tank, purify the air at the same time, essential oils also can prevent infectious diseases, anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory. Hot body metabolism and promote cell regeneration, people peace of mind Save Save Pan tired, play a regulating body and mind effect. Woody tank car series, is applicable to the vehicle in front dashboard, car air-conditioning outlet, car armrest, car storage box under the seat, the car trunk so on.

Woody tank using tips:

       First opened a small slit, there will be a fresh smell comes out, 60 days later you can put the lid fully open and on even smaller spaces such as closets, pantry or drawer.

       When the taste sensation gradually fades to near tasteless, or licorice fiber block kill, you can pour the amount of hot water poured in the can, so you can make the flavor was continued for a while!

       TRY ME has a sticker on the lid of the can, with a finger in the above friction can smell the smell test.

Woody smell of pot, what does?

Flower Scent:

Jasmine: the "king of oil," said, bursts of jasmine, people smell the feeling is different every time, like being in the jasmine garden. Enhance their creativity and imagination confidence.

Hu MICONIOIDES : household Hu son flower, a flower to open in early summer when fresh aromatic fragrance drift bedroom home in her room and placed its floral nature exudes quiet, pure feeling of happiness.

Lavender: Lavender everyone loves, soothing, calm, can virtually eliminate people irritable mood. 

Monterey vanilla : Vanilla ice cream taste like, children particularly like, sweet taste similar to cherries, strawberries.

Cinnamon potpourri : spicy flavor, can be pushed to those who love cappuccino, because the taste is similar. Placed in the kitchen can prevent cockroaches and worms.

Lemon: washing, inspire the soul when people lose the feeling of freedom as to restore confidence easily add, its aroma can repel mosquitoes ants make home has fresh weather, and Sile grassy same as US President Bill Clinton? favorite.


Pineapple Coconut: fresh pineapple plus a hint of coconut flavor, like being in a tropical ocean.

Kirby that coconut: exotic coconut fragrance, people like being on a coconut tree on the beach enjoying the sun.

Cherry incense: sweet taste like cherry can promote appetite, may be overshadowed by smoke.

Fragrant lemon orange : cantaloupe taste sweet and delicious, the atmosphere and the effect of placing the study to increase reading, place restaurant can promote appetite and help digestion.

Mango flavor: sweet and full-bodied with fresh mango flavor, rich taste experience.

Orange aroma : like really like oranges, promote digestion, suitable store place, you can enhance the consumer desire to purchase for US businesses most acceptable taste.

Peach incense: is a hint of peach aroma when the mind depressed, its peach aroma lets you discover life is beautiful, rich aroma of peach fruit ripening. People like the feeling of a good harvest.

Green apple flavor: a freshly picked fresh, clear aroma filled with young atmosphere, placing children in family room makes its aroma filled the air like exposure apple .

Strawberry incense : one kind of cute fruit, thick aroma, most able to touch the children's taste buds, so there is like a little friend in the middle of Strawberry Fields.

Blueberry incense: sweet and fragrant, fruity, placing the restaurant can promote appetite and help digestion. It placed the baby's room so that the children have a warm, comfortable feeling.

Apple beat West : Remember when playing drink apple West feeling you feel sweet and happy memories, make a meal full of good mood?.

Mellow grapes: is a mature grapes are filled with mellow taste, can calm emotions, giving a warm and romantic feeling, it is a restaurant candlelight dinner essential aroma.

Pineapple : Rich in vitamin C California pineapple fruit, appropriate to put in the baby room or ward, not only exudes a healthy scent, but also allows a quiet and relaxing mood.

Citrus / Citrus Splash

Sweet fruity : an integrated fruit flavor is sweet, as if the body in the orchard, various fruit aroma one, sweet feeling in my heart, like the joy of first love.