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What is breathable film perfume

times   2016-01-16

Car air well how to do? Smell how to do? Choice of many people are using the car perfume, car balm, activated carbon used to remove odors, purify the air. As a tradition already perfume production art, it is obsessed with a unique charm, is also growing social progress in all aspects from the appearance of the packaging continues to interpretation of each perfume unique charm and connotation. With advances in the development of technology, breathable membrane perfume came into being. More people tend to breathable film perfume. What is breathable film perfume it?

Breathable film is a high-tech new perfume products, the use of polymer materials synthesis, scattered fragrant but not leaking, versatile, deployment is made from natural oils, it has a rich aroma purification, natural fragrance, scented with breathable membrane micro pores evenly distributed, can eliminate the odor, clean air, to ensure lasting aroma. And to eliminate mental fatigue.

Shannon Doyle has launched a breathable film perfume selection of quality materials, the use of exquisite and unique flavor combinations, natural essential oils deployment. Flavor variety, with a wide selection of lavender, coffee, oceans. Each car owners can choose their own preferences.