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How to identification of good and bad car perfume

times   2016-01-18

A good horse with a good saddle, a good car with a good perfume. Whether just bought a new car, or use long-used cars, in the long-closed car, the car can not avoid some unpleasant odor. This time car owners generally use perfume to cover up the car smell, clean air. Dazzling perfume market, prices vary. How to identify car perfume and the bad? Xiangdaoer give you Weapon.

Weapon one: look at car perfume color. Natural spice blend of fine fragrance, has the original color, mostly amber or brown. The high-quality perfume must be clear and transparent, high definition liquid without any precipitation magazine. Natural color, pure, at 30 degrees Celsius temperature, after 24 hours does not change color. And genuine quality car perfume little change in color after exposure, there is no significant reduction in weight; counterfeit products most obvious changes turbid opaque.

Weapon two: look at car perfume packaging. As with other commodities, often reflect the intrinsic quality from its appearance on the packaging is fine. For volatile perfume, a delicate packaging is one of the elements to measure the level of the intrinsic quality of the perfume. Therefore, in the differential perfume quality, pay special attention to the seals perfume bottles, to close the gap between the bottle and no caps, otherwise easily lead to the alcohol evaporates dry. Also, note that the perfume packaging is neat, pattern is clear, bottle appearance of cracks and other defects. If the perfume bottle with a nozzle, the nozzle should also check whether the flexible leaks.

Weapon three: car perfume fragrance smell. Quality perfume fragrance is pure, and can keep for some time. More single fresh smell, and taste-free methanol and ethanol alcohol concentration change little; the poor quality and counterfeit perfume smell the nose is more cloudy, but heavy alcohol taste, smell a long time prone to fatigue.

        Each car owners in the choice of perfume, except in accordance with their own preferences scented choice, in the identification of good and bad car perfume should be carefully identified. Xiangdaoer 14 years of professional production of high quality car perfume, allowing you to enjoy a happy life vehicles.