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How about the air conditioning vent perfume?

times   2016-01-20

Many owners in the purchase of automobile perfume, to see different types of perfume, a seat formula cars incense, perfume pendant car, air conditioning vent perfume. How to choose? How about the air conditioning vent perfume?

In fact, each product has its own characteristics, and each person may choose according to their own preferences. Perfume outlet, as the name suggests car air conditioning vent perfume is hanging in the air conditioning outlet perfume car seat, has a bactericidal effect of the odor, generally available for about two months. With the development of car culture, perfume outlet already turned into utilitarian and appreciation of art combination of both. Perfume outlet can easily make car air becomes elegant and pleasant, while using just hanging car air perfume in place, the fresh smell of the scent can be distributed out. Shannon Doyle produced a variety of flavor perfume outlet, owners can choose according to their preferences outlet perfume.

When choosing a perfume outlet, a good perfume is generally softer, even if there is a pungent smell rich do not feel, smell very comfortable. In addition to watching the perfume color couplers, but also understand the perfume container material. At the same time, we must learn for different seasons to select a different perfume. Although car outlet perfume is to play the role of clean air, but due to different seasons, selected perfumes are not the same. Easy drowsy in the spring, you should try to avoid selecting the sweet, people have some flavor and easy sleep. In the hot summer car fragrant taste Road should not be too strong, should choose to select a light odor, in order to avoid irritating. Winter may consider selecting refreshing flavor.

Of course, any of the perfume should be to ensure that the health-based. Xiangdaoer 15 years of professional production of car perfume, starting from health, science and technology lead. To provide you with the most healthy and comfortable interior life.