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Perfume is really a security risk it?

times   2016-01-21

Often see in my circle of friends to forward the relevant "Car perfume flammable," the video, really shocking. Car perfume really a security risk to use it? What kind of perfume only fit on the car, car perfume there is no harm to the human body?

Inferior car perfume will indeed be there are some security risks, because long-term direct sun cause overheating and explosion caused fire event has occurred. I did not expect this car seat perfume lovely fragrant encountered outside a context switch, so much harm. So be careful on choosing a car perfume. Experts have introduced, with inferior car perfume. Taste-masking pollutants, tantamount to deceiving, car perfume certainly is a chemical reagent, most with additives based, a lot of sniffing some harm to the human body, especially for people with allergies. Now many owners to let some of the air inside the car smell good, taste-masking using car perfume car interior, especially the new car, this approach more harm to the body.

So what kind of car perfume for "car" it?

Owners often habitually shut the windows, with a little perfume to the car lasting aroma, feel more warm. Car perfume can be divided into three types of liquid, solid, and spray, the solid perfume cheap, adorable varied by young owners of all ages. Car perfume fragrance lasting quality and can kill bacteria, but poor choice of words, in the air-conditioning cooling conditions, the car will not only affect people's emotions, but also affect health.

Professionals said, winter, lavender scent perfume should not choose, because the taste is too sweet, easy to produce drowsiness, affect driving safety. In addition, some perfume choose to see the owner's main hobbies, such as rich herb flavor, green tea flavor and fresh and sweet apple flavor, etc. for those who like to smoke in the car owners, these flavor perfume can effectively remove smoke; and some sweet scent of flowers, refreshing scent is suitable for some herbs usually work pressure, fast-paced life of the owner, can play a scheduled air breath effect.

Shannon Doyle 15 years specializing in the production of car perfume, only the most safety and health car perfume, for the majority of owners to provide a comfortable interior life.