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Car perfume car purchase taken to prevent secondary pollution

times   2016-02-20

Car owners are often used to perfume "fresh" air car, but according to the relevant personnel to respond, poor car perfume may cause secondary pollution to the air inside. So, how do we buy cars perfume it?

Cheap perfume, mostly using chemical spices, blending industrial alcohol, benzene-containing aromatic compounds, etc. may cause irritation of respiratory system, so that occupants cough, dizziness, vomiting and other symptoms, both harmful to health, but also affect driving safety. Moreover, some cheap perfume to make more lasting fragrance, add phosphorus acid esters, this substance can cause low sperm motility, and death, the EU has banned the use of this substance in the perfume and other cosmetics.

Car perfume how the election?

See color: the best choice car perfume colorless and transparent, bright unnatural color rendering is likely to be added to the pigment

Smell it: Select taste more fresh fragrance, for example, if incense and flowers, avoid the taste is too strong, do not use the addition of lavender help sleep, we all know. A few drops of perfume to smell no paper, no abnormal light smell it, then strong smell, uncomfortable or not to show that the reaction in general may be used.

Experimental method: a few drops on the white paper, over a period of time after a volatile, leaving no paper stamp printed instructions purity better. Or take a few drops of perfume was dropped in 5 ml of water, high purity natural stratification of fragrances, low purity of cheap perfume or after dripping water was cloudy, stratification is not obvious.

Special Note: only a few perfume directly on the skin, it is best to take action when we do not test the perfume in direct contact with water.