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Shenzhen International Exhibition modified car services, ikeda look forward to you

times   2016-02-25

From the 12th shenzhen international car modification services the exhibition time only one day, there are starting team ready today in shenzhen, shenzhen exhibition of the early work. There are general manager Shang Yujiang personally led, only to provide customers the most comprehensive service system.

In tomorrow's exhibition, we teachers will demonstrate my company's main product for the customer: love crazy spider series, sandalwood series, water garden series, car series, the little nurse incense pot, some products, such as combination of tank, the main divided into perfume and perfume, in the car, the interior and can be used in areas such as the health, covers a variety of types, its fragrance, for customers according to their preferences for to choose.

Tomorrow, we wait for you in the shenzhen convention and exhibition center to preach, only for you to provide the safest, most comfortable car perfume.

The three-day exhibition international car modification services, there are sincerely welcome your arrival.

The booth no. : 70529 a pavilion (7)