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The difference between car perfume and car perfume

times   2016-03-02

In recent years, each car perfume brands have launched their own perfume series, under the "perfume explosion" and other news of the rendering, perfume market even more than the perfume of Cain, a lot of people in psychological were more likely to choose to use a car perfume. So what is the difference between perfume and perfume?

Commonly known as solid perfume, car ointment can also be understood as the solid form of perfume. But perfume and perfume ingredients or have bigger difference. The main raw material of perfume is beeswax and essence, beeswax and solid at room temperature, it contains free fatty acids, such as carotenoids, vitamin A, many cosmetics containing A similar material. The inside of the perfume essence is the source of its aroma, its spices should be good car perfume plant extraction source, but in fact most of the ointment on the market are synthetic spices. Teachers, is a professional car perfume manufacturer, using the most safety science raw material composition, extraction of natural plant ingredients, production has developed the most safe and comfortable car perfume.

And car perfume is usually to extract soluble in alcohol, some bad vendors using unqualified originally, so lead to some unqualified products will be exploded after heated, plus some made from retention agent, pigment and water. Like perfume, quality rather than synthetic perfume the spice shall be the plant extraction.

Actually, choose car perfume or car perfume more depends on the owner's personal preferences, not too big, or the most important is to choose a testing standard of the quality of security products, to prevent harm to human health. Of course, in terms of product quality, or whether it's perfume, are all have, or it still need to take note when purchasing. There are 15 years specializing in the production of research and development of car perfume, for safety, quality, environmental protection, speed, credibility as the foundation of the survival and development.