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How to correctly use the Car perfume added liquid

times   2016-03-18

        People want the car driving the air is fresh for a long time, no peculiar smell. Long distance driving is also hoping to some of the refreshing things inside. By this time most people will choose car perfume in the car use. But not all of the car perfume is appropriate, on the choice you must be careful, to personal safety and health for the primary selection criteria.

         Selective chose an appropriate car perfume, after the appearance of beautiful, pure and fresh and pleasant fragrance is very satisfactory. Because of time problem, car perfume bottle after use, and not willing to lose the nice bottle. Car perfume added liquid, then, would have a good effect, can not only maintain the car's air pure and fresh, can keep elegant bottle again. How to correctly use the Car perfume added liquid?

       Small make up to share about car perfume seat the right way to add supplementary liquid:

        1.the perfume bottle at the top of the lid open

        2. the perfume supplements slowly pour into the bottle.

        3. the caps.

        4.the two-side glue stick on the bottom of the bottle, finally to instrument desk top.

        For the sake of safety, owners might as well choose a few calming effect good scent, flower fragrance, mint flavor, such as ocean fragrance is right choice. Teachers, science and technology to promote the car perfume added liquid flavor types are: sandalwood, the Roman empire, the ice legend, GAGA charm and magic world, etc. Is entangled with numerous customers to choose the scent, qing scent smell is still recommend option, so as to better achieve the result of refreshing. Teachers, science and technology, I hope everyone can have a comfortable pleasant driving air.