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Car perfume really toxic? How to avoid the use of harmful car perfume

times   2016-03-21

A good horse matchs good saddle, good car with a good car perfume. After a lot of people buy a car, like to use beautiful things to decorate their own cars. Exquisite tags, and so on - things like car perfume, car perfume, car owners are more like, can not only decorate the car interior, also can eliminate peculiar smell inside the car, purify air, maintain the car's air is fresh, more suitable for the life of driving. But a lot of people can not help but have this kind of confusion: car perfume is poisonous? How to avoid the use of harmful car perfume?

In essence, car perfume also is a kind of chemical reagents, part of the predominantly additive; For chemical composition of excessive amounts of car perfume, a lot of suction smell is has the certain influence to the human body, especially the person allergic constitution should be more careful to use car perfume. Today to share how to avoid the use of harmful car perfume.

First of all, under normal circumstances car perfume fragrance pleasant smell, but it is not appropriate place on the windscreen. In principle, car perfume already contains some additives, placed in front of the windscreen vulnerable to strong sunlight, while driving car owners and habitually open the air conditioner, in heating and environment department, the chemical composition of car perfume within easy product chemical reaction, which can lead to car perfume may emit some bad smell.

Second, when choosing to buy auto perfume, don't just covet of its elegant exterior and cheap price. Many undesirable businessman sold on the market with "3 without" product of car perfume, perfume of these may exist in ingredients on the configuration of chemical reagents of harmful to human health. So, choose normal manufacturer product when buy, strict product testing can fit to buy car perfume. Teachers, science and technology of automobile perfume is after testing authority, with the use of national certification trademark, product MSDS qualified inspection report. Owners when buying teachers, car perfume can be rest assured to buy, completely accord with human body using annotations, does not harm the human health.