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Hanging Perfume use of the car

times   2016-03-24

Automotive interior products, owners are generally seem more inclined to use car pendant. For the owner, the car perfume pendant is a kill two birds with one stone ornaments, can decorate the car environment, and can emit aroma, remove the peculiar smell, keep the car air pure and fresh. Car perfume pendant in the use of special attention should be paid, what is its usage?

Hanging Car perfume  is the correct way of using the perfume bottle upside down, pour to hang adorn wooden cover or hang rope, when we see the top of the car perfume pendant has a perfume or hang rope is to straighten out the perfume when come back. Of course, if you want to send out the aroma is more strong, then pour a little more, so the fragrance of perfume will through the wooden cover surface or hang rope and send out. If faded after a period of time, feel smell, that is attached to the wooden cover surface or hanging cord perfume and dry, and we will need to be repeated before, to perfume inversion. Under normal circumstances, about 5 ml bottle of car perfume pendant can continuously evenly distributed fragrance more than two or three months, to ensure the use time of car perfume, and decorated the interior environment.

A good car perfume can make people happy, inferior car perfume is easy to endanger human body health. So the owner when hanging, should be carefully distinguish good car perfume, buy normal manufacturer production product, don't buy those 3 without the product car perfume.