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Grilled steak a human body perfume use right way

times   2016-03-25

Out of the labor of duty, recently has been telling some content and knowledge about the car perfume, today is to pick a proper use of way of human body perfume, actually we teachers, also can research and development of science and technology in the production of human body the perfume.

Perfume is a technology with a long history, the smell of perfume has a magic charm, with the fragrance, adds the beauty of a woman with tenderness. Before, a lot of people think perfume is a kind of luxury, with the development of the society, the concept of luxury is slowly desalt, use perfume has become a very natural means of self-expression, became the interpretation of life taste, can in tight emitted from offered a kind of pure and fresh and bright leisurely life work scope.

Small make up feel that everyone should have a bottle of perfume, choose a suitable own scent, let oneself have a good mood every day. When choosing perfume, according to their own temperament and the working environment to choose life. Mature lady USES motile perfume can let a person feel giddy, youth live wave is puzzling the perfume girl with charm. So, we should know to choose suitable perfume, to know how to use properly.

Recommend this scent on choosing perfume fragrance, is more elegant qingxiang, relative to the human health.

1) grapefruit. Most nu role, and can improve the proper tone.

(2) the jasmine. It's fragrance can strengthen the body's ability to cope with the complex environment, and through regulating nerve function and relieve nervous tension and energizing.

(3) orange. The most popular with the white collar. The fragrance of orange can improve work efficiency and eliminate tension of workers in the office, and insecurity.

(4) the carnation. Carnation incense can enhance memory, is conducive to better accept outside information.

5. Geranium. The smell the attributes of the geranium plants can strengthen people's confidence and will, change the style of indecision.

6. Ginger. Ginger can improve the emergency ability, eliminate fatigue.

All landowners cinnamon. Cinnamon psychedelic fragrance make people optimistic, experience the feeling of free.

End of bergamot. The fragrance can make the person from the external environment caused by psychological stress, dissolve the concerned.

Pet-name ruby lime. Have slight spirits, alleviate depression and melancholy.

Attending the lavender. Insomniacs "medicine", improve the symptoms of depression symptoms and hysteria, flat liver fire.

Hope to give everyone on the choice of perfume has reference.