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The difference of car perfume and the body perfume

times   2016-03-26

Essentially all call perfume, can be in pleasant flavour faint scent. But not between general, what is the difference between the car and the human body perfume?

Car perfume is the use of the synthesis of natural spices after repeated extraction and selection, will all kinds of pure essence according to certain proportion, fragrance lasting, also have the function of the odor removal, sterilization purification. Perfume is a mixture of human body essential oil, solid and liquid alcohol use can make human body have enough persistent and pleasant smell. Here indicate, that is the essential oil. Essential oils from plants flowers. Leaves, stems, roots or fruit extract refined extraction of volatile aromatic matter, its highly volatile.

Car perfume is more outstanding and pure and fresh air, odor removal bacteria, such as function, main types can be divided into aerosol, liquid and solid type 3 kinds. Perfume body show the modification effect on show, as a man's clothes, shoes and hats, etc., for their overall image play a great promotion effect, odour, pleasure.

On the fragrance, car perfume fragrance will send out over time and change from strong to weak, until the tasteless, from beginning to end all is basically the same fragrance. And perfume will with the passage of time, the human body is constantly volatile fragrance, aroma volatile can be divided into the first incense, the base and at the end of the tail of the incense, the three stages mainly because of the various different flavor spices volatilization rate, caused the different times have different flavors.

Car and the human body perfume is more widely used in everyday life, there is a certain difference, the body's fine elegant perfume is car perfume can't match. So in the production process and finished product price is there is a considerable difference.