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Car perfume corrosive?

times   2016-03-30

        As people living water product promotion, oneself have a car is also more common things, car perfume is usually the owner to the car in addition to the taste of products. Some owners will ask, scattered will leak out car perfume corrosion inside the plastic parts? Corrosive car perfume? In fact, according to the normal study, through the quality inspection of car perfume have quality guarantee, not harmful to human body health, seasonable erase powder leakage of perfume won't cause corrosion of plastic parts inside the car.

        Car perfume mainly cooperate with spices, soluble in alcohol, and other reagents mix a. The main is depends on the quality of perfume, essence, and the use of alcohol and other reagent adding proportion. If car perfume corrosion to the car plastic parts, most of the reason is that contained an excessive amount of alcohol content. Used by teachers, for French import essence, the essence of all products through the MSDS detection, ensure the safety of the food use. Many car perfume manufacturers on the market, for cost reasons, most of the manufacturers of the selected is not a natural extracts, but chemical synthesis. Inferior car perfume alcohol exposure, smell after a long time is easy to make the person produces discomfort state of fatigue, affect the safe driving, do harm to health.

        The owners need to tip is, in the choose and buy should choose to have a formal product description when the car perfume, production license, certification of product quality supervision department, shop around, look for the brand, because must not covet is cheap, buy fake inferior products. To the normal market, brand, also don't blindly pursuing expensive high-end field frequency, suits own is the best. Can ask for details of when to buy, buy as far as possible use of the safety of the high purity of natural spices, synthetic products, ensure the in-car air pure and fresh, their own health.