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Ikeda - professional car perfume manufacturers

times   2016-03-31

       Beginning in 2002, the teachers, has established the 15th anniversary of the science and technology, 15 years of wind and rain journey, from simple small workshops to the scale of production so far. The growth of all the way to everyone. Research and development production personnel quota in place. To adopt the most advanced production equipment, first-class service management system, quality control, to produce quality guarantee car perfume.

        The past 15 years, there are, as a professional car perfume manufacturer, the production of products are exported to all over the world, mainly exports walk quantity, in the steady development of lag to domestic development. Research and development of production "love crazy spider", "sandalwood yuan", "the nurse" series of products, such as in the domestic popular with everyone's consistent high praise. In addition to independent research and development of products, there are also accept customer OEM OEM production of science and technology.

There are, car perfume manufacturer - machining process:

         A, communication with the phone to discuss the car perfume OEM processing related matters, customers are interested in factory visit back to negotiate.

        Second, the customers to visit the factory, check factory strength, product research and development capabilities, production capacity, quality management, etc., discuss the processing and specific content, according to customer's actual situation and requirements, send ready samples, customer satisfaction, to discuss processing contracts and prepaid deposit contract.

Third, according to the contract requirements, sample, packaging design, brand planning, product technical guidance and, marketing guidance.

Four, packaging, the packaging sample ordering, customer samples confirmed that the packaging confirmation.

Five, the packaging materials to the factory, after inspection, arrange production car perfume. In strict accordance with the standard production process ingredients, inspection, filling and packing, once again, after the qualified finished product storage.

After the production of finished goods inspection, inform the customer delivery, and will also order the balance settlement of contract.