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How to change a safety car perfume

times   2016-05-13

Fristly,heat careful with lemon, lavender perfume

        Summer selection is the first principle of car perfume, taste is not too strong, had better choose neutral, perfume with lighter flavors. Want to know, if the smell is too strong, once after the sun insolates, more irritating smell of it, usually with the intention of buying perfume. However, this does not mean that any scent flavor of place in the car. Especially the lemon flavour perfume, this kind of perfume most acidic, send out after gathered inside air conditioning evaporator, once gone mouldy, instead more easy to produce peculiar smell. Again at the same time, even personal taste like lavender, summer also shoulds not be put in the car use, because lavender has a strong sleeping, can reduce the sensitivity of the owners while driving, drowsy. Industry experts suggest that minty perfume can eliminate drowsiness, in summer driving is more appropriate.

Secondly,metallic packing perfume not from the top of the dashboard

         Summer sun is relatively strong, if you have put the perfume on the dashboard at the top of the habit, then choosing perfume, suggest don't choose metal feeling too strong packaging as far as possible, because it may put the sunlight into your eyes, easily lead to can't see the road ahead. At the same time, pay special attention to some peculiar shape perfume bottle, will not be easy to form the light focus, so as to avoid explosion caused by long time exposure. In addition, if the driving speed faster, the braking more at ordinary times, suggest you choose a flat shape of the perfume, lest cause needless trouble while driving. Must be warned, airbag around also can't put perfume, once an accident could be dangerous.


Thirdly spray type automobile perfume will put a locker

And spraying perfume on your skin is different, many car perfume sends out ways: first is liquid type, it is mainly through a tampon absorbs the essence of the insert the bottle, and then send out in the air, also some present gels, can be directly transmitted through bottle holes; Followed by a spray, need manual spraying, the ability to smell is very strong, but volatile speed also very quick; Type is a kind of tuyere sipped again, can only be hung on the air-conditioning vents, spread by wind. But it is worth noting that the spray type automobile perfume can only be stored in a locker or trunk, or vulnerable to direct sunlight, after exposure to perfume bottle remnants crack. Remember, don't bring home incense seat in the car, home fragrance of incense seat usually is five times as car perfume, be careful because of the smell is too heavy to hurt body.


Lastly, the body is not the same as car perfume safety knowledge

Facing the modern car perfume market, some people might think of using the human body as a substitute for car perfume, perfume but it is a myth. In countries such as Japan, Europe and the United States, the car perfume formula of perfume is not the same with the human body. The biggest difference is that in order to avoid explosion, burning in the car, car perfume not contain alcohol, but must use the other can't burn, and replacement of volatile components, some of them are paste or gel state, rather than the expansion of the volatile liquid. Therefore, industry experts suggest that summer is given priority to with buying solid perfume. Especially liquid perfume is usually in glassware, baked in sunshine for a long time and it is easy to explode, the solid perfume was not exist the worry, but solid perfume has a defect, is it send out faster, often can only use a piece of solid ointment for half a month to a month or so.