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How to Use Hanging Car Perfume

times   2015-07-10

How to correctly use the hanging car perfume

Looking at an array of car perfume with various styles and changing appearance, car owners will be fond of them inadvertently. Today, let us talk about the usage of the hanging car perfume. 

Most perfumes have a refreshing effect, car owners can reduce fatigue caused by long time driving. Savor this perfume Aroma , there will be constant new discoveries, new feelings.  The perfect combination of floral, fruity and fragrant For you to create an atmosphere of extraordinary aroma. Bring people fresh and elegant spirit realm and mind to enjoy comfortable cozy. Difficult words for you to enjoy, only you are in the car, meditation to experience, to bring you to realize the true meaning of perfume.

Hanging car perfume can be divided into two kinds, one is alcoholic, namely perfumes, another one is non-alcoholic, namely oils. Generally, the capacity of them are 4ml-10ml. In the summer with high temperature, the perfume with alcoholic will volatilize more quickly, on the contrary, the oils will volatilize slower.

Usage of hanging car perfume: 

1. Open the outer cover;

2. Remove the plug;

3. Tighten the outer cover;

4. Hang up after upside down for about two seconds. 

Note: If you want the scent to be stronger, you can make the bottle upside down for more times. Fragrance will be distributed through the cover, when the fragrance fades, please repeat the above action to keep the fragrance.

Most perfumes have a refreshing effect, which can reduce the fatigue caused by the long driving of the car owners. Savoring the fragrant aftertaste of this perfume, only when you taste with a peaceful heart, you can realize the true feelings that the perfume brings to you.