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Talk about issues related to the use of car perfume seat

times   2015-11-07

Many friends are willing to place the car perfume seat in the car, not only to remove the odor, while the shape of strange perfume, can also play a decorative role.

Perfume is beauty endorsement, total reminiscent of women's soft pro, gives life added a dash of tenderness, the car is a symbol and a sign of modern life,added courage and motivation for many people.

The car perfume will be resolute clever fusion of gentle and cars together, gradually penetrated into people's lives, and now, with the perfume decorate their own car has become a fashion.

Many owners in order to keep the car clean air, about car perfume,most owners will choose the car perfume which had strong fragrance, but on the results, in order to conceal the car smell, the taste will choose on fragrance a little strong, but we have to note that the perfume in this regard, we need to note that perfume can not be too strong, otherwise it is very unfavorable for our health.

Car perfume too strong in a closed car on our health is very bad, it is easy to let our respiratory system is threatened, under strong perfume odor and irritation, ranging let us shortness of breath, the worst case would be pose a threat to our health, respiratory disturbance, secondary pollution is relatively easy to overlook the details we have, but it is precisely what I ignore these details, but then our health threats.

Summer car perfume should not be too strong, should choose more light odor. Driving long people can consider selecting refreshing flavor, mint flavor incense holder can eliminate driving fatigue and sleepy.

Car Perfume seat recommendations to fixed, prevent excessive speed while flying out.