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Ikeda Tang(company chairman) visit japan,personally visited the supermarkets and shops

times   2015-06-30

On may 30,foshan ikeda air freshener co.,ltd chairman ikeda tang visit japan,personally visited the supermarkets and shops , to investigate and analysis about the product car perfume positioning and the demand of the market.

1.The japanese bridge in Tokyoeach big department stores and flea markets)

2.The japanese east cloud

Visit each big supermarket stores,to understand the product price and sales trends


Between major shopping malls to visit, know the market about car air freshener.

4.In northern Japan

Japan’s big and small department stores,Ikeda Tang has always insisted on walking visited,everywhere will be careful to find out about sales tocommunicate with the salesman,encountered during the visit,Ikeda Tang of the birthday,although he in a foreign country,still have blessing and  birthday gift,warm heart.....

Ikeda Tang visit japan,go with the mindset of learning and growing up,is nearly a month’s trip to  japan’s find auto supplies the maturity of the market and norms,but also see the hopes of china’s vast car market,is full of energy,IKEDAthe big family will be full of confidence,together with the IKEDA toward a new goal to sail!