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Living in fragrance-filled what would you feel?

times   2015-11-19

Car perfume not only can be used as car deodorizing, but also help cultivate people sentiment, improve temperament, brings happiness, excited,peace of mind,Make the person forget sad.

If your life always in the fragrance of incense, what would you feel?
Now go out much more convenient, you can immediately go where you want to go, the main reason is they have a car. Our basic necessities have "fragrance" to accompany you with a warm and happy, everyone could be happy, pleased with it?
Even if you are sick, even in the hospital,family and friends to send you a bouquet of fresh flowers, make you feel good, wreathed in smiles.

Car perfume fragrance both resolve the odor, but also brought a pleasant fragrance, feeling pleasant, relaxed and happy.

Why these scents can bring people a warm and pleasant it? So this is the "essence" to provide. The earliest spices are natural flavors, they adopt the nimbus of poly essence of the sun, the achievements of the nature of these hundred Valley, one hundred vegetables, all flowers, berry, Herbs. Even not understand natural phenomena such as lightning storms, yin and yang, and religious gods, ancestors ancestors are used the burn incense to express piety and respect, Even with incense to pray her prayer can be achieved
Many spices chemists have studied properties of these spices, function, and found natural spices spices especially on human health is very good. Many natural essential oils can penetrate into the skin, and through the blood circulation, it extended to the whole body function, and promote the growth hormone, and promote the process of metabolism; essential oils also detoxifies medical aromatherapy, aromatherapy beauty, relieve pain and other effects.

Whether elegant nuances spices that give you good feelings, or colorful flowers grass, giving the visual and smell are very pleasing, generating a source of happy mood.

Many people love the perfume, there are some people had some doubts perfume, fragrances actually have any effect on human health? Is a good influence or a bad influence it?
        Each country has specialized institutions in the world of strict regulation of the use of spices, especially the later regulation (due to natural flavorings after being cognitive and adopted soon not enough, as early as a hundred of synthetic fragrances years ago, the rapid development from a synthetic perfume industry) is very strict, after the birth of each synthetic fragrances, should be carried out very rigorous scientific testing and damage to human health or absence of long-term experiments, some even up to the time ten years before judgment is available.