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Which is good in winter,liquid Car Perfume or gel Car Perfume?

times   2015-11-16

Winter weather is cold, plus sand wind and large, a lot of owners and friends will put the off the windows. The car will had some odor if not ventilated for long time , if put a bottle of car perfume in the car, then you can make the car full of fragrance. Quality car perfume will make the car to maintain a lasting perfume fragrance, and can inhibit bacterial,as well as a nice decoration, is threefold. However, if you choose properly, it will be counterproductive also affect health, so I need to carefully choose.

Currently, car perfume roughly divided into three types: gel type car perfume, liquid type car perfume, aerosol type car perfume. Some perfume look ugly, but more practical, but gel perfume flawed, and that is its aroma light, distributing fast, usually a gel perfume usage time is about a month to a month and a half. Liquid relative to the gel perfume, fragrance thick, long duration, distribute slower. The use of time in the sun is large for the one and a half to two months, when winter time is about three to five months. After using the aerosol perfume,but there is no fragrance after A gust of wind blowing. Therefore, it is recommended that you use a liquid car perfume in the winter.

Choose fragrance car perfume with stress

No matter what the season, we can according to their likes and change the season to pick car perfume. Like say if the owners have the habit of smoking in the car, it is best to choose a very strong fragrant herbs, fresh scent of perfume, because they can be soothing smell of smoke inside the car. If the owner usually pressure is relatively large, you can choose some sandalwood scent of sandalwood has a good sedative, relaxing effect. In addition, in the winter we do not use lavender scented car perfume fragrance because it has a good hypnotic effect, it is easy to produce sleepy.