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Is that ok to put car perfume in car?

times   2015-11-12

With the improvement of people's living standards, use car has been regarded as a commonplace, for the car decoration, let alone, car perfume in the car really is not negligible, but is also very particular about the selection of car perfume! choose incorrectly, might harm the body!

Owners "Climbing grasshopper": Now almost everyone put in a car perfume, car perfume but some friends sometimes makes me feel sick, dizzy, car put perfume in the end, OK?

Not all cars are suitable for car perfume, professionals advise, especially in the case of all the windows closed, use caution car perfume "poisoned" when used car perfume.

A car beauty shop owner told reporters, car perfume selling good now, sales have increased significantly than before. This is because in winter driving, car owners often customary to shut the windows, with a little perfume to the car lasting aroma, feel more Comfortable. Car perfume divided: three types of liquid, gel, and spray, the gel perfume cheap, adorable varied by young owners of all ages. good quality Car perfume fragrance lasting and can kill bacteria, but if poor choice, in the air-conditioning cooling conditions, the car perfume will not only affect people's emotions, but also affect health.

Professionals said, winter, lavender and fragrant perfume car should not choose, because the taste is too sweet, easy to produce drowsiness, affect driving safety. In addition, some car perfume selection mainly depends on the owner's hobbies, such as rich herb flavor, green tea flavor and fresh and sweet apple flavor, etc. for those who like to smoke in the car owners, these flavor perfume can effectively remove smoke; and Some sweet scent of flowers, a refreshing  herbs scent is suitable for some usually work pressure, fast-paced life of the owner,Can be appropriately adjusted itself