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Which Car Perfume is Good?

times   2015-10-19

Car perfume is generally for the synthesis of natural spices by flavourists after repeated extraction and filtering, will all kinds of flavor according to certain proportion blended, fragrance lasting, have a plenty of extracted from natural fragrant spices, have the function of the fragrance.

1.Only Floral Car Perfume

It say this type car perfume only choose the one flower to meke fragrance. Like Rose,Jasmine........

2.Mix flower Car Perfume 

It used Various types of flowers mixed,Strong fragrance, give a person with a wonderful feeling

3.Plant type Car Perfume

By some scent of wild plants as raw materials, mixture of the scent, quietly elegant aroma.

4.Sandalwood Car Perfume

Sandalwood as raw material, made of fragrance, can be refreshing and other effects.

5.Oriental type Car Perfume

Give priority to with mint, musk......