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Car perfume spices classification have?

times   2015-11-25

For our common production car perfume spices ingredients can be divided into two types according to: natural flavors and synthetic flavors (that is, we often say that synthetic fragrances).
     First, natural spices

1, the plant ingredients: spices mainly raised from flowers, leaves, fruits, fruit, seeds, resin, bark, trunk, roots, moss and other parts in. Most spices are natural plant ingredients belong. (5 tons of roses can only produce 1 kg of rose essential oil Tuberose major commercial planting area: southern France, Italy and Morocco .1200 kilograms of tuberose can only produce 200 grams of essential oils said that gold Tuberose noble yet.)

2, animal ingredients: abnormal secretion of fluid or exudate extracted from certain animal spices gonads. Animal ingredients spice flavor continued high raw material indispensable manufacturing spices. (Musk: Himalayas from the male musk deer body extraction, the extraction process need not kill musk deer species that is all spice aromas of the most intense, in the hands of a drop of 40 years can be fragrant .1 kg of natural musk. price of RMB 160,000.)

Second, synthetic fragrances
    By chemically extracted from petroleum spices. Like synthetic camphor, synthetic fragrances belong citral, synthetic perfumes are manufactured to mimic natural spices, may cause the body to a certain extent after use.
    Toxic synthetic fragrances large volatile organic solvent such as essentially different as benzene, toluene, tetrachloromethane and the like. Any large concentration of high spices instead stank. So, no matter what kind of perfume is only a small amount of perfume used in the automobile, the diffusion of the perfume in the air as long as there is a very small amount is inhaled, or several molecules are inhaled, people will feel very fragrant, and so a small amount of the human body is safe.
    Car perfume alcohol used is made through a special process, can improve quality car perfume aroma, but industrial alcohol and alcohol consumption with the smell will not be used directly. So, as long as regular car perfume quality is guaranteed. Car perfume in alcohol diffused in the air only a very small amount is inhaled nose, inhale excess equal to drunk alcohol, a serious dizziness, and has no effect on health. Some people think that dizziness industrial alcoholism, in fact, this is a wrong perception, it is because the industry caused by alcoholism mainly food and contact with the skin.