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We can not smell scent,if put the Car perfume too far

times   2015-11-13

In automotive accessories,talk about car perfume I believe many people will know, buying a new car and general friends will soon buy car perfume, but also a very nice selection. Can be counterproductive, shape is good looking, but also even a little fragrance smell does not come out, then it is completely equivalent to just one ornament. Where is the problem? If you go to the market to find out, I believe it will soon get the answer, and like this problem is not unusual.

People often smell perfume car after open the bottle, the perfume smells to get the nose to taste. Because the human body perfume is generally use alcohol as a solvent, mostly with nozzle spray form. These Mist uniformly scattered on your clothes and skin, because alcohol is highly volatile and easy to fragrance enter into people's nose.

If we buy a bottle of car perfume when needed to put it on the nose to smell,if we need to smell the fragrance that we can't leave far away the car perfume? Why? Because the car perfume is placed on the dashboard (refer perfume car seat), or inserted in the air conditioning vents (refer car outlet perfume), or suspended in the side mirror (car pendant perfume). The car driver and the passenger are far away from the perfume, it is impossible to put the nose out into the perfume bottle incense products. This gives the car perfume made a special request, you must make perfume with this special feature, the aromatic air to penetrate through a distance (one meter or more) into the audience's nose! If you can smell the perfume a little further, you use these car perfume would be empty.