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"Three ways" solve the problem of choosing car perfume

times   2015-11-03

Car smell has always been plagued by every owner friend is a major problem, in a car filled with the smell of long driving will feel very uncomfortable, can be afraid once again, I would rather walk nor drive . Faced with this situation, if you choose a car perfume seat or the car perfume is one of the most simple solution.

In our common car perfume generally three types: liquid type, solid type, aerosol type. From the shape they have great differences, wherein the liquid is one of the most frequently used, followed by the solid type, aerosol type not commonly used because it requires frequent manual use and after each use scent will disappear quickly, not recommended.

First, car perfume modeling

      A suitable car owners and friends of perfume, when we choose to have it safe in the first place,angular, reflected light, strong, exaggerated weird and will cause some owners to safety risks not recommended choice. We suggest that you generally still have to choose the kind ofsleek,easy to be better placed it anywhere.

Second, car perfume color

       Faced with bright colors on the market colored car perfume, the owner only needs to look for the color clear and bright enough to be able to filter out most of the poor quality of a perfume, unlike the inferior quality of stale perfume perfume most high definition , even if used for a long period of time there will not be any change in color, but if the oil concentration is high enough then the color will be more and more.

Third, car perfume

       Looking  After the shape and color, the last is to look at car perfume fragrance, after all,for a long time will always be accompanied by their own,only find which will be "pleasant and fresh",that's enough. Usually high-quality perfume is very pure, without pungent taste and strong alcohol taste, also will not there be symptoms of dizziness after smelling a long time. So owners must pay attention to this point.
       In addition, car perfume brand and price also need friends attention of the owners, if the sales staff recommended the so-called high-end perfume car seat with it there is a huge price difference to you, then we need to carefully consider, especially that the essence prices was very low, need we seriously to consider them.