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Activated carbon, car air purifier, car perfume which is good?

times   2015-11-17

Many car faithful know, just bought the new car smell is people feel very uncomfortable, human stay in the car for a long time may feel dizzy, nauseated, etc., the smell mainly come from the new car ornaments, decorations impossible to demolished all. At this time the activated carbon, car air purifier, car perfume has become the first choice of the people. Here we analyze the differences and products under three, in the end all that kind of choice?

First, activated carbon

         Activated carbon is a very traditional method in addition to taste, many owners are willing to use, and many shrewd businessmen will put charcoal bag made of exquisite fashion accessories, in order to obtain better sales.
         Advantages: cheap, easy to use, strong adsorption capacity.
         Disadvantages: easily saturated, does not have the circulating air purification function, and be under the blazing sun for quite a long time that can be repeated use.

Second, the car air purifier

         Car air purifier is only in recent years began to be widely used, compared with car perfume and activated carbon, its use would be less coverage than both car perfume and activated carbon
        Advantages: full-function, power strong, the effect is also OK.
         Disadvantages: requires the use of force, the use of inconvenient, restricted general appearance.

Third, car perfume

         At the moment, car perfume is more of a use, regardless of design style, style, or flavor it up are preferred, as one of the interior decoration, which is the first two can not be compared.
         Advantages: beautiful appearance, style, flavor and more full-featured, easy to use.
         Disadvantages: likely to cause market confusion, The quality problems will affect the choice of the customer