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Volkswagen Das Auto

times   2015-04-07

History of the Japanese Volkswagen Das Auto Co., Ltd(フォルクスワーゲン グループ ジャパン 株式会社.in short:VGJ)). in 1953 (now Corporation Yanase) is 108 units of Volkswagen (Beetle, transporter) begins that the normalized imports.

In the post-war automotive applications has been limited in Japan, "Beetle", etc. are used as a taxi, it brought mobility to many Japanese . And when the flow, high economic growth period. The wave of motorization arrives in Japan, along with the car becomes more familiar presence, Volkswagen became able to collect even more attention. That it played in the children everywhere in the middle Japan is "Beetle fortune-telling" (to determine the fortune in the body color of the Beetle) are telling the height of attention to the time of Volkswagen.

The nostalgic "Beetle" is, even after the change to the "golf" that the world by storm with a simple design in the mid-1970s, Volkswagen has continued to receive strong support from Japanese customers.

Due to the influence of the bubble economy, the 1980s that imported cars has become a familiar presence. Volkswagen headquarters found a chance to the Japanese market, decided to play a regular import of his own Volkswagen. We founded the subsidiary.

And in 1993, the Toyohashi import center is a vehicle landing facility to full operation, Volkswagen Group Japan (abbreviation: VGJ) is a local corporation, expansion of the sales network, to promote the strengthening of brand image, Japan's everyone we have continued to strive to be loved by.

As a result, the position of the Japanese automotive market will be more sure, we have achieved the imported cars in 13 consecutive years in 2012 brand No.1 (JAIA ※ survey).

2013 to celebrate 60 years from the first landing in Japan. Volkswagen, as well as continue to maintain this glorious record of trust is made possible from Japanese customers, we aim to further development.