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How to choose a suitable car perfume for their car?

times   2015-10-23

People use perfume, and now car also need car perfume,How to choose a suitable car perfume for their car?

Car perfume stores are generally required to beauty shop or car to buy, it is best not to buy directly into the kind of smell, but choose Highlights been sprayed on the scent of fur or paper required to determine flavor. If you are a private car owners, then we recommend orange flavor perfume, fragrance can be refreshing.

Need to remind you: do not choose lavender scent, even if you like, because the smell of lavender has a strong hypnotic effect, you can reduce your sensitivity while driving, drowsy, and accidentally drove the car Fell asleep......
Car perfume itself is to eliminate the car smell, some to be refreshing, but some manage to maintain a happy mood. If you want to remind the driver to maintain a balanced state of mind while driving, you may wish to select a flavor with a calming effect, as cool herb flavor, pleasant smell of cologne, mint aroma, sweet fruit flavor, fresh flowers scent, which can make refreshing taste.
And daily use in the body perfume, car perfume can be divided into treat men and women. Ms. more appropriate lemon, apple flavor of spices; men are more suitable for natural fragrance, cologne fragrance, amber smell of incense, which are easier to accept when driving taste.
Different seasons should choose a different car perfume. For those who prefer traveling by car owners, before a long journey, especially easy to doze off in the spring, you should try to avoid selecting the sweet, people have some flavor and easy sleep. Fragrant taste of summer road vehicle should not be too strong, because the perfume volatile fast, hot days can choose a light odor, to avoid irritating. Winter may consider selecting refreshing flavor.
There are some more alternative flavor, such as to make people feel the breath of sandalwood forest scent, it exudes the aroma emitted by the roots and stems of woody aroma, conifers and other plants generally lasting and subtle, there is an elegant and transparent form of ethereal charm Ocean series, some foreign car perfume, you can even tune sell appreciate the speed and dangerous charm from aromas.