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Is Car perfume useful for us?

times   2015-10-30

Car perfume has against bacteria, viruses, fungi, vulnerable to dissolve the car small molecules of aromatherapy oil can effectively remove peculiar smell, the air inside the car to kill bacteria and bacteria growth inhibition, purify air pollution, keep the air inside the car natural fragrance, fresh health, build a green space, car aromatherapy product is a health and environmental protection.

When human breath, car perfume fragrance aromatherapy oil molecules, stimulate the brain anterior lobe secrete endorphins brown tide tide and brain two hormones, accelerate fluid activity, promote the metabolism of cells and cell regeneration, balance the coordination of man and nature: by stimulating the olfactory nerve, the olfactory nerve will be handed to stimulate the brain central brain excitement, thus regulate the internal environment, enhance the body's immunity, enhance human vitality, further to adjust the action of the whole body and mind, eliminate fatigue, adjust mood, calm spirits, at its best, is the first choice for elimination of mental fatigue car perfume products.

Car perfume any chemical essence and does not contain any alcohol, 100% PURE original plant natural perfume made from imported oil for car, is rich in aromatic plant essence, fragrance natural, has the nature of all the natural characteristic, fragrance, fragrance natural, PURE varieties, enjoy fun make you smell.