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What is the car air fresheners?

times   2015-11-05

Air freshener called "environmental fragrance", is as easy to carry, easy to use and inexpensive, it had become the first choice current environment a lot of drivers, improve air quality, the most common method, , it works is very simple, that is, smelly substance added to a small amount of the medicament, to use deodorant  by a chemical reaction or by the strong fragrant, so a lot of air freshener in fact did not  odor removal, just in a delightful scent will smell hide it.

Advantage of air fresheners

1, the price is cheap. This is the most obvious advantage of car perfume, the current general market selling prices are between 6-17$, even cheaper than car perfume.
2, easy to use. Aerosol air fresheners are commonly used type, the spray is used, does not need any car facilities.
3, the choice of flavor more. For some favorite scent drivers especially women drivers, too dry clean clean environmental protection, air fresheners charming fragrance is the main reason to attract them to buy