Are you familiar with the equipment used to fill fresheners?
Are you familiar with the equipment used to fill fresheners?

Air freshener is also known as "environmental fragrance", and is the most popular way to improve the air quality in your car. It is easy to use, cheap and portable.

There are many types of fragrances available for air fresheners, including rose, osmanthus and gardenia. There are also compounds, which are made up of fragrance, ether and other ingredients. Air freshener is now an essential part of modern life. It has become popularized rapidly worldwide due to the advancement of science and technology.

Air freshener, a type of chemical product, was first used in environmental hygiene in 20th-century. It can be classified into aerosol type, which is canned product that uses a throwing agent, and spray type. These products can be used to spray out the air freshener from the cans evenly under pressure. The spray type refers only to micro spray products that are not subjected to projectile.

How is an air freshener made and filled? It's very easy. All you need are the basic steps to fill the original liquid, seal it, and then fill the projectile. To choose the best air freshener filling equipment, the equipment selection should be based on your budget and production volume.

A small 3-in-1 aerosol filling device is available for first-time start-ups. It is comprised of a liquid filling machine as well as a sealing machine. The liquid filling, sealing, and filling heads are all fixed to one worktable. Booster pumps can make it more stable and safer. This machine is small and easy to use. One worker is required to complete the propellant filling and sealing.

The automatic aerosol filling machine is for those who need high output. The production line includes a bottle management table, an automatic filling machine and a valve loading machine. It also has automatic sealing and filling machines, automatic water inspection, automatic nozzle loading and loading machines, and on-line coding machines. Sealing and packing are all possible. This machine can also be used to produce and fill all types of self-spraying paint, cleaning agent or rust inhibitor, insecticide, and other products. It has high output and a fast filling speed. It can be modified to meet specific product requirements and other specifications.

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