Here are 5 things to remember when selecting an air freshener
Here are 5 things to remember when selecting an air freshener

You can't get a true new-car scent. It's impossible to replicate that unique scent. A combination of materials inside a vehicle's interior creates the "new-car scent". Many of us love the smell created by the volatile organic compounds in the parts and pieces, including vinyls and plastics. It is also difficult to capture the scent for an effective air freshener. But we will get into that later.

It's better to cover up an unpleasant smell than eliminate it. Many air fresheners won’t work as a good odor eliminator. Instead, the smell may be atop an already unpleasant smell. It's better to dig into the problem than try to cover it up if you have a persistent car odor. You can then enjoy a pleasant scent without it mixing in with bad smells.

Sprays and stationary fresheners work in different ways. This is down to personal preference. However, there are performance gaps between fresheners and sprays that stay in your car at all time. We also want to point out that this list does not include essential oil air fresheners. Your favorite essential oil might have a wonderful aroma but the risk of it spilling in a car is too high. We don't want our efforts to eliminate odors to be overdone.

Cleansing your car can improve the fragrance of your scent. It doesn't matter how many brush strokes you use to paint your car, it won't make a beautiful picture. You don't have to use chemicals or dressings to the interior panels. However, wiping down the cabin every now and again will remove dust, dirt, and other items that can build up during driving. A blank canvas allows a car's fragrance to have more space to breathe.

Avoid big mess: We've all been there. Perhaps a passenger spills some drink or the dog gets into an accident. You can try to avoid any mess or, if it is inevitable, immediately clean up the mess. Carpets and seats absorb messes very quickly. The odor will not go away if you let them sit.

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