Know what equipment is required to fill air fresheners.
Know what equipment is required to fill air fresheners.

There are many fragrance options for air fresheners. There are also compound types of air fresheners, which are composed of ethers, fragrances and other ingredients. As a result of advances in science, technology, and improvements in people's living standards, air freshener has become an indispensable part of daily life.

An air freshener product is a type that chemical products are made from. This product was introduced in the 20th century to environmental hygiene. When these products have been used, the air freshener can be sprayed from the closed cans under the projectile's pressure to form a spray in suspension in air. Spray type refers the micro spray products which do not require a projectile.

How do you make an air freshener? It is simple. The three main steps of filling and sealing the projectile, sealing it and filling it are all required. The equipment you choose will depend on the production volume and budget.

For those starting their first business, there is a 3-in-1 aerosol-filling machine that is small and compact. This machine is composed of a liquid, sealing and projectile gas filling machinery. It is equipped with a booster pump that can help make the machine more stable and safe. It is also compact and easy-to-use. Sealing and propellant-filling can only be done by one person.

For those who require high production, the automatic aerosol-filling line is the best choice. This production line comprises a bottle management system, an automatic filling device, an automatic valve loading mechanism, an automatic sealing machine and filling station, as well as automatic water inspection, automatic large cap loading machines, automatic nozzle loading machines, and automatic sealing. It can also be used for filling all kinds of self spraying paints, cleaning agents, rust inhibitors, insecticides, etc. With high output and speedy filling. It can also be customized to meet different specifications and/or special products.

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