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Hanging Air Freshener

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Hanging Car Air Fresheners. There are many types of hanging car air fresheners. The hanging cardboard version is the most popular. You hang the cardboard piece on your car's rearview mirror. The freshener is infused with a particular scent, which releases slowly as the air moves around the car. It can take any shape or size you like, but it should not be too big that it blocks your view. You can also hang car air fresheners from the rearview mirror. These could be either a gel in a jar that slowly evaporates to release scent molecules, or a fabric bag with odor-absorbing charcoal. These car air fresheners are often hung from the rearview mirror. You can hang them anywhere, even if your windshield laws prohibit you from hanging things from the rearview mirror. Hanging air fresheners are the most affordable, especially the scented cardboard variety. These have a shorter lifespan, lasting on average 1-2 weeks. Although hanging charcoal pouches can last for up to a year, they don't usually provide any fragrance. Their action is less obvious because of this.
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