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Liquid Air Freshener

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For decades, air fresheners were used to mask unpleasant smells. Aerosols were the first to be used at home. These aerosols are sprayed in the air to create a fine mist that lasts. Aerosols were banned in the 1990s due to environmental and health concerns. Manufacturers responded by transforming air fresheners into scented oils, solids and solids. The most advanced versions can be heat activated and spray continuously throughout the day. The names of the fragrances are being renamed. The names of traditional scents like "rose" and "lemon" are being replaced by more exotic soundsing names like "Tahitian Spring Mist" or the "Dewy Citrus Orchard."

Many air fresheners have a range of essential oils and fragrances. Pleasant odors are chemicals that contain fragrances. Essential oils are oils that naturally occur in plants. Essential oils are the oil that contains the essence or scent of the plant. This is why they are called essential. Essential oils can be found in cinnamon oil, pine oil and lavender oil.

Most liquid air fresheners such as plug-in refill bottle and reed diffusers contain essential oils and fragrances that have been dissolved in a solvent, such isopropyl alcohol. This solvent is also known as rubbing alcohol. The solvent evaporates, which helps to carry the fragrance into air. Cone-type air fresheners contain the fragrance embedded within wax. Evaporating beads and gel products allow for slow evaporation, which prolongs the fragrance's presence. Sprays that are aerosolized use compressed gas propellants such as propane or butane. Many spray products add fragrance to the air. However, some disinfectants are used to remove odors. These chemicals are meant to kill bacteria and mold. One example is ethanol, which can also be found in alcoholic drinks.

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