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Organic Air Freshener

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How can you get that "new car smell" in an old car? You might be surprised at the answer. It doesn't require a trip to a dealership.

Experts believe that VOCs (volatile organic compound) are what make cars smell new. They evaporate into the atmosphere and leave behind a stench that is difficult to describe but which anyone who loves cars will instantly recognize. These chemicals are part of the production process for tires, plastics, and seat belts. These VOCs are released as these materials degrade over time. However, the smell fades over time.

How can you recreate that scent? Let's see how we can recreate that smell.


Vacuuming the car's seats is a must if you want it to smell new. Use a mild cleaner if your upholstery is vinyl or leather. Avoid moisture in the seams and folds. Stains on your seats are not something you enjoy!

After those have been cleaned, shampoo the upholstery. Some prefer to use a homemade cleaner, while others prefer commercial cleaning products. Make sure it is safe for your seat type and follow the instructions on the label.

You can clean cloth seats with water, vinegar or baking soda.

After the seats have dried, apply scented seat-covering protections. These protectors smell wonderful and will keep your car fresher for longer than you might think.


The car's floor mats can trap dirt over time and make your interior smell like an old basement. Winter months are especially difficult because you may be walking in snow and mud to get into your car.

For that fresh-car smell, you can wash the floor mats using detergent and warm water. Then let them dry outside. If you need to speed things up, you can leave them in direct sun.

It's a good idea not only to wash the mats but also to wash your floorboard with hot soapy. After all this, dry them thoroughly.

Let fresh air in and leave the doors open for at least 15 minutes before you start driving. Some people suggest adding baking soda or scented oils to your floorboards. However, this can cause damage to your airbags and other sensitive systems.

You might also consider using regular air fresheners to restore the car's original smell. You don't want your car smelling like your vacuum cleaner!

Use an Auto Air Spray

You can spray your car with a variety of "new car smell" sprays to give it a fresh scent. Spray these sprays throughout your car and allow them to dry. To ensure that everything smells amazing, some people prefer to place towels or a fabric softener sheet underneath their seats before spraying.

A new car scent can be added to your cooling and heating vents. You will enjoy a blast luxury car air spray every time you turn on the heating or air conditioner.

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