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IKEDA Membrane Air Freshener
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IKEDA CAR Vent Clips service life for up to 30-35 days. Our product is attaches easily to attach the vent. And our membrane air freshener’s material is using high viscosity.

Membrane air freshener is a new type of air freshener, which can be easily installed anywhere, not only on dashboards, vents, but also on sun visors, door pockets, seat pockets and headrests. Any location where the user wants to install.

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Soft-pottery hanging decoration with Chinese classical elements as the concept, the appearance of the design into a ceramic, so very attractive to customers. Perfume of liquid is installed inside ceramic, open bottle cap fragrance 4 overflow, although cover is not opened, also can faintly have aroma to drift about. The product can be placed in the car to remove the smell of the car, or can be used as indoor decoration.

product information

Item No. FL001
Colors As Picture
Shelf Life 5 Years
Packing Gift Box
Clients' Requirement Acceptable
Usage For Home\Office\Car\Hotel
Delivery Time Within 30 Days After Sample Confirmation

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