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Organic can wood car scents air freshener
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The 72g organic can air freshener is actually the biggest freshener compared to similar products in the market. It lasts longer, more stable, and cost effective.


To meet multiple customers needs, IKEDA also make a bigger size of the organic can air freshener. 72g weight makes the product lasts ever long than 65 days. The filling material is wood adsorbed by imported fragrance oil, it fills the whole can, which makes the product lifetime longer. IKEDA takes advantage of its unique formula to mix fragrance oil, to make multiple very popular scents. 16 regular scents for clients to choose from. IKEDA also take OEM and OED orders, for the organic can air freshener, stickers are customizable to make for clients based on their needs.

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product information

Febreze scents, California scents cherry, Custom Organic Wooden Car Scents, Organic can wood car scents air freshener

Item No. FL312
Materials Aluminum cans with organic wood
Scents cherry / grape / strawberry / coconut / lemon / vanilla / jasmine / rose / bubble gum / coffee / new car / marin squahs
Packing Packing in carton box or gift box
Carton Size 42.5*42.5*31.5CM ,288pcs/carton
Moq 3000pcs

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